Why You Need Professional Help To Exit Timeshare

In this digital age more and more timeshare owners are organising their own holidays via the internet and are looking for a way to tear up their contracts and exit timeshare forever.  Today’s consumers are tech savvy and can organise much of their work and leisure life online.  However, when it comes to the complexity of timeshare law it is advisable to seek the help of professionals who understand the nuances and pitfalls of the timeshare relinquishment process.

Understanding The Paperwork

If you have had a good look at your timeshare contract you will have noticed that there is nothing straightforward.  The legal language used is at best confusing and unless you have experience in the field of international contract law you may find it extremely challenging to fully understand the contract’s contents, let alone find a path through the legal minefield to a genuine and unequivocal relinquishment.  Without experience you will also find it virtually impossible to spot any contractual irregularities or unlawful clauses.

The legal team accessed by the Timeshare Help Centre have had many years working in this field and have been trained to understand and analyse contracts in order to create viable exit solutions for owners who no longer have the need for a long term holiday product such as timeshare.  Their experience means they have a clear understanding of the wording used in international timeshare contracts and are able to identify any illegal practice.

Other Pitfalls

Although contractual paperwork is one of the most difficult factors to negotiate when looking to exit timeshare or make a claim for compensation, many owners also come up against the questionable strategies employed by the timeshare companies themselves to try to stop owners escaping from their contracts.  Many of these companies will use alarming tactics such as intimidation or counter claims in order to frighten owners off from pursuing a claim or relinquishment case.  They may even embark on a charm offensive to try and tempt the owner into a supposedly better deal.  Either way the motive is to get the owner to forget about the original problems and drop the claim.

For the untrained individual it is utterly impossible to identify whether the company is bluffing to put them off or in fact they have a genuine case for relinquishment or compensation so it’s vital to get professional help from the start – dealing with an unwanted timeshare can be stressful enough but locking horns with the timeshare companies and trying to make sense of the contractual paperwork can make life unbearable.


The financial side of timeshare ownership can also prompt people to go it alone and try to take on the companies in a legal battle for relinquishment.  Taking into account the original purchase price plus years of costly maintenance fees it is understandable that owners looking to get out are reluctant to spend more money to do so.  However, by using an expert in this field you are for more likely to win your case and the courts generally award legal costs as part of the settlement to the winning party.

As with any profession it is best to leave it to those who are qualified, trained and experienced.  It is also vital to choose a reputable company with a proven track record and the necessary expertise in this sector of the law – your family solicitor may not have the knowledge to bring about a successful resolution.  Once your situation has been reviewed a legal professional will be able to explain to you your chances of success and map out a strategy for your individual case.  The Timeshare Help Centre never takes a case that we don’t think we will win – we are not in this business to lose.

Beware Of The Scammers

Like most industries there are always disreputable characters lurking in the shadows hoping to make some quick cash by conning victims in their hour of need.  Very often these scammers take up front monies with the promise of a quick exit solution, only to do nothing leaving the unfortunate owner out of pocket and still burdened with their timeshare.  If the Timeshare Help Centre is unable to help you with your problem then we will be able to recommend a genuine and reputable firm that can.  Speak to us first before you commit to anything.

Globally the timeshare industry is being forced to clean up its act and make amends for past transgressions.  Cheated owners are seeking justice through the courts and are winning their cases with encouraging frequency.

If you need to get out of your timeshare or believe you may have a case to make a claim for compensation then contact the Timeshare Help Centre for free impartial advice.