Relinquishment and Claims

Getting rid of timeshare or pursuing a compensation claim for malpractice can be a legal minefield in today’s industry climate.  Although families may have enjoyed many years of great holidays, when they finally decide they no longer have need for this long term holiday product – either because they are ill, getting old or can no longer afford the ever increasing maintenance fees – they often find that they are tied into their ownership through legal phrases and perpetuity clauses which mean that not only are they stuck with the product but their children too will be saddled with the ongoing financial liability.

Is There A Way Out?

Even though families are finding themselves unable to meet the financial demands of their timeshare and are looking to relinquish their ownership, timeshare developers and resorts are keen to maintain these circumstances in order to receive the annual fees that keep their operations going.  In today’s market, where high sales figures are a thing of the distant past, it suits them to keep things as they are and refuse to release owners from the ongoing and restrictive contracts.

It’s not surprising then that a timeshare owner who tries to unravel the complex laws that surround the timeshare product more often than not finds the resort or developer to be completely uncooperative when they ask to exit their ownership.  Although there is nearly always a way to get rid of a timeshare once and for all, the average person soon gets bogged down in a swamp of complicated legal situations and is faced with an extended and costly legal conflict.   Timeshare Help Centre can provide expert professional help right from the start to ensure unnecessary expense and to safeguard future claim opportunities.

To the untrained eye, timeshare contracts can often seem impossible to break but our team is experienced in identifying areas where legislation has been broken.  This breach is often at the point of the original timeshare sale and is the key area in which we are able to help release you from your contractual timeshare commitment.

The Timeshare Help Centre has access to a team of dedicated paralegals who are expert in British and Spanish contract law.  If you are looking to terminate your timeshare contract or make a claim for compensation then get in touch with us today for the best possible advice.

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