Timeshare Relinquishment – How It’s Done

Since the 1960’s the timeshare or holiday ownership product has provided first class holidays for millions of timeshare owners around the world.  The incredible choice of exotic destinations, luxurious, high quality accommodation and top end facilities has ensured that these owners have enjoyed the very best that the vacation industry has to offer.

So far so good, but there is a side to the product that seems to paint timeshare in a negative light and that is the subject of relinquishment.   What can a family do once they no longer have a need for a long term holiday product – either because of life problems such as illness divorce or old age, or simply that they want to holiday in a different way?  This area has become a problem for those who want to exit the system but have no idea how to do it.

Unwilling Resorts and Developers

Many owners who are trying to get rid of their timeshares approach the developers who originally sold them their ownership.  This method rarely, if ever, gets a good result because the developer has a vested interest in keeping owners tied into the timeshare development.  The more owners who remain at a resort means more owners paying their annual maintenance fees that keep the resorts running smoothly and in a state of good repair.  In short the developer is probably the relinquishment option with the least potential – they need to keep their owners in order to ensure that the resorts remain prosperous in the future.  It is this situation that prompts the developers to include perpetuity clauses in the contracts which ties the owners to the resort for ever.

Once an owner realises that the developer is not an option for relinquishing the timeshare they begin to look elsewhere.  Over the years there have been many companies springing up and offering resale services to owners who want to get out of this ongoing responsibility.  Unfortunately the resale market is sluggish at best so owners find themselves paying for a service that rarely comes to fruition.  They hand over their cash only to see their timeshare sitting in the classifieds section of newspapers and websites and not moving whilst they remain financially responsible for their ownership.

This financial responsibility can often be extremely costly with the ever spiralling maintenance fees putting a healthy dent in the family budget.  It can also seem like a millstone around the neck of future generations who, because of the perpetuity clause, will be forced to take on the timeshare in the future and be responsible for those every increasing annual fees.

We Can Help With Timeshare Relinquishment

For those looking to rid themselves of the responsibility of timeshare ownership the landscape of foreign contract law and seem complex and impenetrable.  Very often those owners who try to take on the developers at their own game come away baffled, frustrated and out of pocket.  Without the advice of professionals it if virtually impossible to negotiate a route to a complete and unequivocal relinquishment of the timeshare.  Whist there are a number of organisations that claim to be able to deliver a successful resolution, most of them simply freeze your timeshare, leaving it dormant until hefty bills and a continuing obligation to meet them rise up to haunt you further in the future.

The Timeshare Help Centre is expert in the field of timeshare termination and is responsible for hundreds of successful relinquishments where families are released from their obligation and are able to continue with their lives free from an expensive, ongoing financial burden.  We have in-depth knowledge of the industry and access to a team of experienced professionals who are expert in this area of international contract law.  Once we have analysed your situation we are able to quickly identify the legal grounds on which you have a case to relinquish your timeshare.

It may seem that your contract is unbreakable, especially if you have previously approached your developer regarding an exit.  However, of the many hundreds of families we have helped in this matter most have experienced a breach of legislation that has given them justification for full relinquishment and an end to this financial worry.  Our team will swiftly recognise any irregularities – usually related to the original point of sale – and lay out a strategy to achieve a satisfactory resolution to the situation.

What We Do

After you have made contact with the Timeshare Help Centre regarding your timeshare problem we will arrange a free consultation with a legal professional.  We will closely scrutinise your contractual paperwork to highlight irregularities or legislative breaches.  Once we have identified these areas we can start the procedure to release you from your timeshare once and for all.

One of the worries many of our clients have is about the cost of this procedure.  We are always open about these costs and once we have investigated your situation thoroughly we clearly explain any fees or costs that the process is likely to incur.

We are highly focused on customer satisfaction and in order to ensure that you understand everything that is happening with your case we provide you with regular information and keep you informed every step of the way.

Get in touch with us today to start the process of timeshare relinquishment.