Timeshare Dreams Compared To Contractual Reality

Anyone who has attended a timeshare presentation will be familiar with the routine.  A friendly and personable timeshare rep will greet you with a beaming smile and a firm handshake and sit you down with a cup of tea before embarking on what is apparently known in the trade as the “warm up”.

This long section of the presentation is where the rep gets to know you, finds out what might trigger a sale and generally establishes trust and common ground.  It is during this time that the rep will keep dropping “third party stories” into the conversation – essentially fictional accounts of past clients who have done the type of deal that the rep will be suggesting and have been happy with the successful results.

With so much time and effort invested, the rep – who probably works on a commission only basis – is going to be reluctant to let you leave without a sale and it is this pressure that can lead sales people to promise features and benefits that don’t actually feature in the product and more importantly do not appear in the contractual paperwork.  So what are some of these over inflated claims?

Five Star Luxury

One of the most common falsifications about how timeshare can improve the way in which you holiday is the claim that the resorts in the timeshare system, of which there are many thousands in countries around the globe, all enjoy five star standards.

Although timeshare resorts are well known for maintaining decent standards of quality it would be a stretch to adorn any more than a handful of the very best resorts with the five star label.  Whilst the apartments and facilities are usually pretty good, a typical timeshare resort will fall short of the standards of quality and services traditionally associated with a genuine five star destination.

You Can Always Sell

During a timeshare pitch the salesperson will paint a dream to try and appeal to your emotional side.  They will conjure up the images of exotic beaches, elite locations and utter luxury in a bid to get you excited about purchasing the product.  They will also try to justify the cost of timeshare by using something know as financial logic.

Part of the financial logic section is to show how much better value the timeshare is in the long run.  A well-practiced pencil pitch will convince the customers that not only will the quality of their holidays be higher with timeshare but they will also save money.  The big lie in this section of the timeshare presentation is that you can always sell your timeshare and that it will appreciate financially.  This claim is utterly untrue as the resale market, where it exists at all, attracts very little value with properties changing hands for just a few pounds in some cases.  Getting rid of timeshare is a complicated process that requires experienced and professional representation.

An Exclusive Club

The idea that a timeshare resort is an exclusive club open only to members and their friends is an appealing notion that has attracted many owners over the years.  They are told to imagine a luxury resort with plenty of room, ample sunbeds and fellow guests who, like them, have invested in their own holidays and as such treat the place with the respect they would their own homes.

Sounds good?  Well unfortunately, as with so many aspects of timeshare, the dream falls far short of the reality.  Many resorts are mixed use meaning that apartments are rented to tour operators and the like.  This situation means that anyone can come and stay – often for a cheaper rate than with timeshare – making the whole idea of exclusivity a sham.  With resorts full of renting guests, getting the time you require or an exchange to another resort can be extremely problematic due to the serious lack of availability.

A Global Exchange Network

Perhaps the biggest selling point in the timeshare pitch is that you are able to exchange your timeshare to another resort anywhere in the world.  Indeed, the main exchange company claims an affiliation of more than 4,000 resorts in over 100 countries around the globe.

The idea sounds great in theory but with the problems of limited availability caused by rental customers, the reality of the exchange system means that exotic destinations are usually fully booked at all times and the majority of exchanges offered are to areas with a surplus of timeshare such as southern Spain and the Canary Islands.

Get Help Today

These are just a few of the false benefits that the salesperson will promise in order to get you to sign on the dotted line.  Unfortunately most timeshare contracts make no mention of exclusivity, five star standards, a resale service or guaranteed exchanges.  These are examples of mis selling, a practice that leads people to making bad decisions and purchasing long term holiday products that are unsuitable for their needs.

If you feel that you have been the victim of mis selling than get in touch with the Timeshare Help Centre today for a free, impartial consultation.  We will analyse your situation and explain your options in order for you to obtain a successful timeshare exit.