Taking Holidays After Timeshare

When a timeshare owner finally exits the system and no longer owns a long term holiday product they can often be hit with a strange feeling of loss.  Of course they are glad to be free of the financial burden of yearly maintenance fees and a contract that lasts for ever but still they miss the positive side of timeshare – the fact that it provides great holidays in wonderful locations.

Well don’t worry.  If you have recently relinquished your timeshare the world is now your oyster.  With the loss of your financial millstone you now have more cash to spend on leisure activities and a much wider choice of holiday destinations and accommodation types than the timeshare system has to offer.

Much More Choice And Availability 

One of the key problems with timeshare is the lack of availability, especially in the United Kingdom.  Some of your clients who bought timeshare specifically to exchange into English resorts have never been able to get an exchange – at any time of year.  Now that you have the choice and flexibility of the wider holiday market on hand you can take advantage of all the variety that the UK offers.  Fancy a night in an ancient castle?  Then simply book it.  Want to spend a week cruising the Norfolk Broads?  Then just open up your web browser and Google away.

This level of freedom often comes as a huge surprise to ex owners who have become used to a limited choice in destinations and restrictions on the time of year they can travel.  Securing accommodation during the school holidays is always a nightmare when using the timeshare system but with a normal pay as you go holiday you’ll be able to decide exactly when and where you want to go and book it at a moment’s notice.

This spontaneity is another luxury denied the average timeshare owner.  For most owners, in order to secure a decent exchange they need to book a year or more in advance meaning that their freedom is significantly restricted.  It doesn’t help to also be worrying about the next year’s maintenance fees when you’re booking a far off holiday in a run of the mill holiday resort.

The Internet Offers A World Of Quality Vacations

With the rapid advance of the internet, choosing and booking your next vacation could not be easier.  There are a range of established websites specialising in every aspect of holiday requirements including travel tickets, accommodation, excursions and activities, transfers, car hire and everything else you need for a decent getaway.

So by getting rid of your timeshare you are not closing the door on a world of great holidays, rather you are opening up a world of choice, flexibility and value for money.  You are in control of where and when you go away and the worry of ongoing fees is gone forever.  With the money you are saving you’ll probably find you take more luxurious holidays than you did with timeshare or more last minute deals or exciting city breaks.

The timeshare industry has come under the spotlight frequently of late with many owners taking on the big timeshare companies in the court room for mis-selling or other illegalities in their contracts.  Importantly for anyone thinking of relinquishing their timeshare, or making a claim for compensation these owners, are mostly winning their cases therefore giving other owners the confidence to fight for their rights and not be tied into a situation that is making them unhappy.

You Are Protected By Law

Fortunately the European timeshare laws have been put in place to protect the customer.  This situation means that if you feel you have been mis-sold or you are tied into an unfair contract you probably have a good case that could be proven in a court of law.  At the Timeshare Help Centre we assist you in getting out of unfair timeshare agreements.  We offer a free impartial consultation where we will analyse your situation before explaining the solutions and all costs involved to achieve a successful and final resolution – in other words to make you free of timeshare forever.

If you would like more information on how the timeshare relinquishment process works or you would like to arrange a consultation to determine whether you have a case for compensation then get in touch with the Timeshare Help Centre today and begin your journey to a life free of timeshare worries and disappointment.