Online Meeting

In response to a growing demand for assistance the Timeshare Help Centre has launched a new digital service to help customers who are unable to travel to meetings either in the UK or our offices in Tenerife. Utilising the latest internet technology and communication software we have created another contact option which we call an Online Meeting.

In today’s connected world we can contact everyone from health providers to education specialists in this manner, and now you can resolve all of your timeshare problems from the comfort of your living room – no tiresome journeys and no strangers in your home.

What Is An Online Meeting?

Anyone who has ever talked to their family on Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime or any other type of video software will recognise the technology behind our Online Meetings.  This simple to use application puts you the customer and one of or experts in international timeshare contract law directly face to face over the internet.

Using built in presentation facilities they will be able to explain to you your options and help you come to a decision as to what route is best for you in order to resolve your timeshare problems.  This technology is completely secure and is used by many major organisations for customer communication.

Why An Online Meeting?

  • No traveling in the UK or abroad
  • No strangers in your house
  • Safe
  • No pressure
  • Hang up at any time

We are finding from our clients that these factors really are important benefits to anyone trying to find a solution to their timeshare issues.  They feel safe in the knowledge that there can be no pressure – after all, like a phone call, they can hang up anytime – they don’t have to worry about traveling abroad or to offices many miles away and they don’t have to put up with someone they don’t know arriving at their home and outstaying their welcome.

What Happens?

Book Meeting – using any of the contact methods on this site you can simply book your Online Meeting

Email Confirmation – you will receive an email confirming that we have received your meeting request

Email Invitation – you will receive another email containing an invitation to an Online Meeting at an allotted time

The process and technology involved is simple to use and there is always phone help on hand to give assistance should you need it.  During the meeting you will have all of your options explained in order to bring about a complete and unquestionable timeshare relinquishment.

Do You Want To Dispose Of Your Timeshare ?