Mis Selling

Despite the amount of information out there on websites and social media an unfortunate number of people every year find themselves the victim of timeshare mis selling.  In some cases the owners are lucky that the problem is only a small one such as the salesperson promising fresh flowers in the apartment every day.  But for some a crooked timeshare pitch can lead to a financial nightmare and a significant dose of heartache and frustration.

An example of gross mis selling, and one we hear of frequently, is when an owner is persuaded that they need to upgrade their ownership.  They are shown bigger or better apartments that are priced attractively and are persuaded to purchase on the condition that their original apartment is then sold.  More often than not no sale is ever made and the victim is left facing the hefty maintenance bills for two timeshare apartments.

In short, mis selling can be broken down into two distinct categories.  The first of these is material misrepresentation.  This form of mis selling occurs when a salesperson makes a deliberate attempt to mislead the customer by conducting a sales pitch that makes a product or service appear to be something that it is not.  This deception is often achieved by giving false information or failing to reveal important details of the transaction.  The second category is suitability.  If a customer is sold a product or service that clearly will not fit their needs then this is an example of suitability mis selling.

When a company has been found to be engaging in mis selling then they are legally bound to offer compensation to their victims.  Many of the people we help have fallen foul of shady sales tactics but have been unaware that they have the basis for a compensation claim until we have spoken to them and analysed their paperwork.  If you suspect that you have been the victim of timeshare mis-selling then get in touch with us today and speak to a legal expert.

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