Is Your Timeshare Relinquishment Company Reputable?

Despite the fact that timeshare is extremely popular and provides families with excellent holidays all around the globe, many owners get to a stage in their lives – for whatever reason – where they no longer have the need for a long term holiday product and look for a way out.  Fortunately they don’t have to look far as a whole industry has sprung up to facilitate timeshare exits.  However, owners should beware and understand that not every timeshare relinquishment company is as trustworthy as it would like them to believe.

We speak to a significant number of timeshare owners who have been stung by dishonest organisations taking upfront money for either a sale, a relinquishment or in some situations a compensation claim.  In these cases the owners have usually paid their hard earned cash only to find that the company breaks its promises and leaves them out of pocket and still in possession of an unwanted timeshare.

Do Your Homework

So how do you know that you are dealing with a reputable company and not just a group of sharks with a slick website and a convincing line of patter?  Firstly you should be checking that they are officially registered with a company number.  Secondly you should do some homework to discover if they are connected to a timeshare company.  Alarms bells should start ringing if a relinquishment company is part of a company that is, or has recently been, selling timeshare.

Unfortunately we have had to help numerous clients who have been mis sold a timeshare then consequently sought the help of a relinquishment company.  It was only when we investigated their situations that we found that in an alarming number of cases they were dealing with the same company that had sold them the timeshare in the first place.   This practice seems to us both cynical and wholly unethical.

Beware Of No Win No Fee

You should also be suspicious of any organisation offering to take your case on a no-win-no-fee basis.  There are rarely any legal organisations that offer a genuine version of this deal – for a professional service you should always expect to pay.  And this is an important point – any genuine company will have no problem being open, transparent and honest about its costs.

When we offer a free impartial consultation we analyse the situation and the paperwork and then outline an owner’s options.  At this point we will make a full disclosure of the fees involved so that nobody is going to be faced with a nasty financial surprise further down the road. It would be wise to steer clear of any company that is reluctant to disclose all costs at the time of proposing a solution designed to achieve a timeshare relinquishment.

Local Expert Knowledge

Although there are legal professionals in the UK who can deal with your exit from the timeshare system, it is wise to choose those who have extensive experience with the complexities of international timeshare contract law.  For instance a local solicitor is unlikely to have had much, if any, involvement in this area.  All of our agents in the UK have that necessary experience and are in direct contact with our head office in Tenerife which is on hand to provide any advice and guidance needed to ensure the best outcome.

We are not based in Tenerife for any negative reason but rather because it is the epicentre of European timeshare and this proximity means we are perfectly located to deal with the large companies and developers and to understand the latest developments in the law.  Our lovely location also allows many of our clients to combine a consultation with a well-deserved holiday in the sunshine.

If you have any doubts about a company that is offering timeshare relinquishment or a compensation claims service, get in touch with the Timeshare Help Centre immediately.  We can put your mind at rest if you are dealing with a genuine organisation or give you help if you have been taken in by a less than reputable one.