Have You Been Told The Truth About Timeshare?

When it comes to discovering the truth about timeshare we have found that our clients have many stories to tell that give us a great insight into the industry. This truth is that timeshare companies are making sales through misrepresentation at best and in some cases downright lies.  Through our experience helping owners with timeshare contractual issues it seems clear that had they all received clear, open and honest information at the original point of sale, fewer people would have purchased a long term holiday product.  Because there are very few timeshare companies that are willing to let you exit your ownership, there are many unhappy owners looking for a solution to their timeshare problem.

Despite the fact that timeshare contracts lasting for more than 50 years are deemed illegal, companies have been selling holiday products that come in very close to that deadline or they are in perpetuity – a contractual clause that leaves the owner with the timeshare not just for their lifetime but for ever, meaning that future generations will be responsible for a timeshare they may not even want.  It’s highly unlikely that any right thinking person would want to burden their children with such a financial millstone, so all the signs point to sales people who deliberately covered up the facts and mis sold the product in the first place.

So what can a person do when they fell that they have been hoodwinked into signing up for a product that will be a financial responsibility long after they have passed on?  Don’t worry – we have helped many families who feel that the product was misrepresented at the point of sale and at no time were they made aware of how long the contract would run or the scope of their responsibilities to maintain the product.


We have also helped timeshare owners who were told by the salesperson that they would be able to cancel their contract at any time only to find that when they came to do this the timeshare company refused to carry out this promise.  These types of case can be extremely difficult to prove as they can often come down to a “your word against theirs” situation.

These complex legal situations – such as timeshare exit and relinquishment – can usually only be unravelled by an expert in timeshare law so it is essential to get professional help.  Moreover, if you feel that you have been mis sold or the product was misrepresented it is doubly important to seek experienced legal representation as much of the evidence to back your claim will be within the contract itself.  A legal expert will know where to look in your contract to find the incriminating clauses that justify your accusations of foul play.

Accommodation Issues

There may be alternative avenues to explore when you are trying to get out of an unwanted timeshare contract.  Unfortunately we see many owners who were promised the highest quality accommodation when they originally purchased only to find the reality of the standards were far from what they had been led to believe.  Instead of luxurious apartments with the latest in modern design and technology they found themselves staying in three star units with few decent facilities and even fewer luxuries.

Other families we have helped found that maintenance at their resorts was lacking, with the units deteriorating alarmingly as the years went by.  This situation is clearly contrary to what the yearly maintenance system is meant to provide.  Owners were promised that in return for an annual fee the apartments, and the resorts as a whole, would be looked after, modernised as needed and kept in the prime condition that the unit was in when they paid for it.  If you have experienced any of these accommodation related issues you may well have the basis to dispute your timeshare contract.  In order to help with any case it would be useful to take photos or videos of any deterioration or deviation from what was promised and to save any resort brochures or marketing materials that advertised the quality you could expect from your newly purchased timeshare apartment.

Other Routes To Freedom

There are a number of other ways to rid yourself of the timeshare burden, so it is important to get your paperwork in front of an expert who can outline your options and help you to create a legal strategy.  We have helped some families who were sold on the benefits and flexibility of an exchange programme but found that when they came to use it the availability was non-existent and they were unable to get exchanges to any of their chosen resorts.

Other families have found the grounds for a legal claim after having bought their timeshare on the basis that they were joining an exclusive members’ club that only catered to the owners of timeshare.  These families found the claims to be untrue when they stayed at their resort only to find that the other guests were a mixture of private rentals, tour operators and a number of other sources. In these cases there was no reason whatsoever to be a timeshare owner and this issue is usually taken into consideration when a court makes its ruling.

Get Help Today

Many timeshare companies will tell you that there is no way out of your contract.  Of course this situation suits their business as it means that owners will be obliged to pay maintenance fees even though they do not want or cannot use the product.  However, there is a growing trend where owners are taking their disputes to court and are winning their cases but it must be stressed that in order to find a path through the complexities of international timeshare contract law it is essential to use a legal expert to guide you along the way and avoid costly mistakes.  With professional help you can avoid the stress of trying to resolve the dispute yourself and can reach a successful resolution to your claim.