Exchange Companies

One of the common causes of timeshare discontent that we hear from our clients is about friction with the exchange companies.  The complaints are usually about the following:

  • The salesman told me I could go anywhere in the world where there is timeshare
  • They said I could exchange into any sized unit although I own a studio
  • We were told that we could always get an exchange in school holidays
  • We can’t ever seem to get an exchange in England
  • We’re usually only offered Spain or Florida

It seems that during the timeshare presentation the customers have been mis sold on the realities of the exchange companies.  In essence the exchanges are decided on a like for like basis and like everything are subject to availability.  It’s just common sense that if you own a studio in an unpopular resort then you will find it impossible to swap for a three bedroom villa in Hawaii for Christmas week.  Despite what your salesperson told you.  Unfortunately, it is common for direct salespeople to exaggerate wildly in order to get you to sign on the dotted line.

However, there are many ways to make the system work for you and to get the best from your ownership.  A bit of guidance from the experts and a bit of research will often unveil fantastic bargains as well as inspiration to visit places that you might never have thought about before.

If you’ve been having problems getting the exchanges you require then get in touch with one of our experts for some sound advice on how to get your ownership working for you.

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