Why The Timeshare Help Centre?

The Timeshare Help Centre was created by a team of industry professionals with more than 20 years’ experience working with timeshare owners, timeshare resorts and timeshare contract law.

One of the key reasons that the organisation was conceived was the enormous number of people who were falling victim to dubious companies who were making all sorts of promises about timeshare relinquishment, resales and claims but were only interested in taking more money and rarely doing anything for the poor client.

Our philosophy is that if a company takes someone’s money and says it is going to do something in return then it should do exactly what it has promised – no ifs or buts.  Unfortunately, the majority of our clients find us because they have been ripped off so we strongly urge timeshare owners who are thinking of doing something with another company to speak to us first for genuine, impartial advice.

Where Are You Based?

Although we have a large team of staff in the UK our head office is located at the hub of the timeshare world on the Spanish island of Tenerife.  Because so many of the customers we deal with own Spanish timeshare it is of great benefit for us to be close to the centre of the business in order to be aware of the latest developments within timeshare resorts and timeshare companies.  It also means that our legal experts based in the UK are able to keep in regular contact to ensure that they are completely up-to-date with the evolution and development of international timeshare contract law.

We know the industry inside out and are aware of the legitimate companies as well as the less reputable.  Over the years we have saved hundreds of customers from becoming the target of scams.  If in the rare case that we can’t help you with a problem then we will be able to point you in the direction of a legitimate company that can.

Who Will Help Me?

Each case is unique and requires close scrutiny to determine the best course of action to bring about a successful resolution.  Once we have examined all aspects of your case we will take one of four choices that will be the most appropriate for your situation.

  1. In house Specialists – very often a case is straightforward and involves a tried and tested standard procedure. When this is the situation our in house team will explain your options and are ready to commence action on your behalf.
  2. Legal Experts in Timeshare – sometimes the case is not so simple with the various nuances of international contract law coming into play. In these cases we have access to experts in this specific field – rather than say a local solicitor – who will be familiar with all aspects of your situation.
  3. Panel of Claims Specialists – in some situations there is a strong case for the client to make a claim. This can be for various reasons such as mis-selling and our claims specialists can advise you how to make an effective claim for compensation.
  4. Trusted Third Parties – regrettably there are many timeshare related companies making promises that they cannot fulfil. Through its extensive industry knowledge, Timeshare Help Centre has identified those companies that offer a genuine and effective service and can recommend them to you with confidence.

Our Location

Our headquarters are on the Spanish island of Tenerife at the hub of the timeshare industry.  This location means we are up-to-date with developments in international contract law and resort news

Our Belief

We believe that if you have been mis sold a holiday product or service then you have to right to be released from your contract and in some cases are eligible for financial compensation

Our Strengths

The combined industry experience of our leadership team means that we have the contacts and expertise to get the job done and release you from your timeshare contract once and for all

Do You Want To Dispose Of Your Timeshare ?