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The Timeshare Help Centre believes that timeshare is essentially a good product that provides thousands of families around the world with top quality holidays.

However, sometimes people find that they no longer have a need for a long term holiday product and wish to give it up.  Others may feel that they were mis-sold the product in the first place and are left with something that does not fit their needs.

Unfortunately, the process of relinquishing a timeshare or making a claim is complex and full of pitfalls.  If you are going to negotiate this path successfully it is essential that you get professional advice from the beginning to ensure a satisfactory resolution to your case.

The Timeshare Help Centre is expert in dealing with all aspects of the timeshare industry including:

  • Buying timeshare
  • Selling timeshare
  • Relinquishing timeshare
  • Making claims for mis-selling
  • Dealing with exchange companies

Whether you have a problem with your ownership, would like to exit the system, feel you have been mis sold and have the basis for a claim or simply need information on how to get the best from your holiday product – the Timeshare Help Centre is here to give you the best advice.

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Many thanks to the team for holding our hands during the timeshare relinquishment process.
Sarah Nicks
It's been a long road and I've listened to bad advice more times than I care to remember.  I'm so glad I finally found a company that was able to help me with my problems and explained everything clearly.  I'm so gratefull it is over and we have been suitably compensated.
Vernon & Sheila Ellis
Finally I've got rid of my timeshare - once and for all.  Thanks to all the staff at Timeshare Help Centre for making it happen for me.  Freedom!!!
Mr. Holt, St Albans
Just a quick line to say thank you for all the help and advice.  It has been such a relief to finally find someone who knows what they are doing and who we can trust.
Tony & Molly Dickson

Relinquishment & Claims

Out team of experts can help you make a claim for compensation or get you out of your unwanted timeshare completely and forever.

Dispute Resolution

We can help you with any disputes you have with your resort including the spiraling costs of your annual maintenance fees.

Mis Selling

If you have been lied to or mis sold a timeshare product we can analyse your situation to see whether you have the basis for a claim.

Exchange Companies

If you are not getting the accommodation or destinations you require then we can help you deal with the exchange companies.

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